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Check that shit out. It's autographed and junk. I made it and had it autographed at Whitehurst's first show. Okay, it was Ashley's first show as Whitehurst's lead singer.

Oh, and Whitehurst fucking ROCKED tonight. The new song? Flowers Kill... Oh my GOD. And they went straight into another song from The Likes of You... It was their best show since the first one I saw. If you weren't there, you missed out. I wish I could have bootlegged the audio...

Andrew was on tonight. At the last show, he was getting frustrated... but not tonight. He did great. Good job, Andrew!

Brian was there tonight. He wrote the bass for All As One... which happens to rock.

Ashley was sex on a stick tonight. She was energetic and right on. She said she messed up, but I don't think she did. She rocked.

Nathan was totally into the show tonight. His guitar solo was awesome like woah.
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