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This is the OFFICIAL Whitehurst Livejournal Community!

Whitehurst is an up-and-coming local band in Southern Illinois. They have a punk edge with a female vox, much like the legendary Tsunami Bomb, only with a more raw sound and metal core influence. Mix Tsunami Bomb with a touch of As I Lay Dying and you'll get a small sample of what Whitehurst can do. They put on a live show like you would not believe. Get in on the fanbase while you can because these guys are going to blow up. You will not be disappointed!

Demos are available at ALL Whitehurst shows for only $2. The demo includes: The Likes of You (A crowd favorite), All As One, and Attached.

The band is in the process of recording a 6 track (possibly more) studio album at D&S Music in Herrin. The guys are plugging along and are making great progress. From what I have heard through the grapevine, Andrew already has his drum tracks recorded, so before you know it, the Whitehurst album should be dropping!

Check back here and Whitehurst's official site for the latest and most accurate Whitehurst information!

Whitehurst is:

Ashley Wade: Vocals
Nathan Potmas: Guitar and Backing Vocals
Holly Wade: Bass
Andrew Horton: Drums

Former members:
Brian Fisher: Bass

Check out the band on STL PUNK!

Upcoming Shows:

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