Agent J (naughty_tangled) wrote in whitehurst,
Agent J

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We are now officially Whitehurst approved. I talked to Ashley today and she said that the creation of this was the greatest thing she has ever heard. She will also join the community so that she can see how things are going around here. w00t! We're totally going to have an actual member of the band here. Makes us cooler than a lot of fan communities, yeah?

We also established that I am the Whitehurst Street Team. How cool is that? I guess... if you're interested in being on the WST, um... just say something. Heh.

I also learned that at Saturday's show (Herrin Teen Town @ 6:30pm, $2 cover) Whitehurst will be playing a BRAND NEW song that they have never played before as well as a few crowd favorites and songs they haven't played in a while... like Man O War.
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